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'The best way to predict the future is to invent it'

Alan C. Kay

Nielsen analyzed 20K products from large corporations in the United States from 2008 to 2014 and found only 74 products were successful.

This is 0.3% ROI on innovation.

Burning money is a better option...

How to avoid your

Kodak moment?!

Innovation has become a buzzword since the mid-2000's and organizations now have Vice Presidents, CTOs or innovation gurus to sell the bright future of tomorrow. But few would really understand how to initiate, discover, develop and, most importantly, commercializing innovation for long term value.


This is the reason why history is filled with failed projects and bankrupt companies are that they failed to adapt, change, innovate, and understand the crucial market and social changes before the competition disrupted them.


Our mission, purpose, and experience compel us to help Fortune 500 companies to avoid their "Kodak Moment" and find their next S-Curve to prosper with the next opportunity and market.


'Kodak has no intention of filing for bankruptcy'

Kodak CEO Mr. Perez

Innovation is more than coming up with great ideas.

It is about making those ideas work in the real world!


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strong network of innovation practitioners, academics and corporates
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mastery in building successful innovation centers
prior delivery of over
$1 billion of value 
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